Writing??? You know you want to...


You have a novel bursting out.

A book that will change lives.

A blog whispering your name.

A website that will flourish with your kind of writing love.

A song that only you know the words to.

A movie that can change the world.

Discover how to write for the immersive pleasure of it - in your unmistakeable style.

Luscious words will flow. Surprising ideas will emerge.


Are your words paralysed or are you procrastinating?

Stop with the guilt! The dreaded word drought will be over - in 30 days! (Or less!!)


Week 1 - Your essence uncovered. What makes YOUR words different?

Week 2 - Writing as an exploration of your brilliance. What do you know that you have never acknowledged?

Week 3 - Persuasive writing. Bringing your voice into the world by inviting people into your world.

Week 4 - What's your story? Using stories to create change, choices and connection.

Your words can be friend or foe. Pouring through outrageously or trickling onto the page in tiny fits and starts. Your voice shines through when you BE you, without editing yourself into anyone else's boring box of limitations. Your voice is designed to seduce, tantalise, invite and inspire the magic that *only* you can be the catalyst for in the world.

Discovering your voice can be a playful adventure or a torturous task. You get to choose!

There is no 'should' when it comes to expressing your ideas in words. No matter what you learned about your writing capacities before now, we're going to take you somewhere brilliantly, joyfully *different*!


Together we'll write every day. Discovering new topics to write about... finding the 'right' words for what you are aware of... creating beyond procrastination... disabling the 'not good enough' monsters... and diving deep into a safe space where your words can be shared without being judged.

If you choose the Essential*Writer package, you'll enjoy a writing adventure like no other, facilitated by Lisa Murray through a vibrant mix of weekly playbooks, Facebook Live videos and a nurturing and engaging Facebook group. 

If you choose the Premium*Writer package, you'll enjoy all of the above and the transformational weekly group Zoom sessions with Lisa where you can ask questions live about your specific writing challenges.

(All Zoominars & Live Videos are at 7am Brisbane time and are recorded).





Please contact Lisa Murray.

Lisa Murray is a creative strategist, a creation catalyst and business generator. She can contribute to your ideas and projects in unexpected and unconventional ways. Ask Lisa the questions that run through your head about the 'how' and 'what' of creating your ideas or your business. She has magical ways of unravelling the confusion and the creative blocks, enabling you to create with clarity, ease and joy.

She is the founder of Creativity Lab, has an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Leadership. Her book 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' launched in 2016 and she is now writing her next book 'Creating Beyond Burnout'.